A stable future

Committed to people

We create jobs and offer a stable future to our workers. At Costa Brava Foods we are convinced that the people who work for us are the driving force behind the growth of our organization. Therefore, we encourage talent retention through internal promotion, equal opportunities and workplace integration. 

We offer our workers a stable future and encourage equal opportunities.

CB & Family

CB & Family is a social action group founded by people who work at Costa Brava Foods, with all departments and age groups that make up the company represented with the aim of supporting all of the company’s workers.

Its objective is to promote, facilitate, organise, evaluate and carry out activities aimed at providing social benefits for Costa Brava Foods’ employees and their families. Offers and services on favourable terms, leisure and sporting events, and knowledge of the business reality of Grup Cañigueral, with its various companies.

We encourage everyone who works with us to take part in all of its initiatives and proposals to encourage their development in the professional and personal spheres. 

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