Committed to the future

Committed to the future

Costa Brava Sustainability

For Costa Brava Foods, protecting and preserving the environment is a vital requirement for the smooth running of our activities. 

Therefore, we not only comply with the applicable environmental legislation, but we go beyond the legal requirements, establishing our own protocols for applying available technical improvements. 

Every day we work on meeting the following objectives:

Optimising water consumption through reuse methods.

Reusing materials.

Recycling through selective collection.

Reducing energy consumption.

Periodical analysis of specialist companies for continuous improvement of our facilities. 

Reducing the creation of waste, discharge and emissions.

Promoting environmental education and good practices among our staff and suppliers.


Improvement of efficiency in refrigeration systems

In our commitment to continuous improvement and reduction of emissions FRIGORIFICOS COSTA BRAVA has carried out a project to improve the energy efficiency of its refrigeration facilities, which represent the main point of electricity consumption.

The project has consisted of the replacement of five existing freezing tunnels with new ones that incorporate high energy efficiency technology, which allow excellent efficiency reducing the electrical consumption of the process.

Improvement of efficiency in the treatment plant

In FRIGORIFICOS COSTA BRAVA we have invested in the improvement of the wastewater treatment process generated in Riudellots de la Selva. The project has optimized the existing installation and the control system, incorporating MTD's to improve the performance of the installation, which has allowed us to reduce the energy consumption.

Both projects have received support through the INSTITUTE OF DIVERSIFICATION AND SAVINGS OF ENERGY (IDAE), aid co-financed by the European Union through the Operational Program FEDER of Smart Growth 2014-2020.

We go beyond the legal requirements